Hard Reset

I know there is a myriad of blogs on the internet that will cover movies, video games and other ‘geek’ subjects, but seeing as this is more of a personal project of mine, I shall not hold back from flooding the internet with the utterly pointless musings that I deem worthy of publishing.

That said, automated messages from large publishers can sometimes yield amusing results. Old news as it may be in the age of the information super highway and the Instant Gratification Generation, I am posting this here in the hopes that it will help “Perform a Hard Reset” becomes the new “Arrow to the knee”. It really should be “Arrow in the knee” anyway.

Oh hey, I forgot what else I was going to say after I accidentally hit the publish button instead of the preview button. I am silly like that. I am also stupid to a point it contradicts highly standardised and rigorously normed IQ tests I was given by trained professionals!! Self Deprecation!!

So with that said, I shall retire from this post.
The end!