Tr00 Kvlt or not Tr00 Kvlt

American Apparel, you are more amazing than your sleazy porn aesthetic let on.

Explaining why I find the black metal shirt not to be a good idea is probably beyond my capacity, but what is learning and growth but pushing beyond the limits of our capabilities?

Let us start off by saying they take this very seriously (read from Dead’s suicide onwards).

So yes, commercialising something like Black Metal can seem like an incredibly stupid thing to do… to certain people. Black Metal is an ideology. I know I am risking a lot by comparing it to Punk, but in the same way that the commercialisation of Punk served to undercut its aesthetic and raison d’ĂȘtre, commercialising Black Metal kind of goes against everything it stands for. The word Kvlt (pronounced cult) exists for a reason, and that’s because for purists, most Black Metal isn’t Black Metal enough! And most of this non-Kvlt material is stuff that I can’t listen to because it’s so damn obtuse and alienating to most listeners. As a friend of mine had said (albeit about extreme metal in general):

“to me it just sounds like every single person playing an instrument in that band is having a seizure”

Another bad analogy, if bands like Keep of Kalessin are the Black Metal equivalent of Greedo shooting first, an American Apparel Black Metal T-Shirt will be the equivalent of being forced to watch the entire Prequel Trilogy in some sort of perversion of the ludovico technique.

Or hell, it may as well be analogous to this:

To people who don’t care about the consequences of printing a culture onto a t-shirt and then selling it to clueless teens that attempt to look hard, I’m sure there are plenty of Cradle of Filth merch at Hot Topic. Well, not as much as I had expected, but you get the point.

ps. I am aware of how horrible the title of this post is.