In defence of the informal vote

Bean Up Late

Whenever Kevin Rudd decides to call an election, Australians will be called upon to exercise their vote and make a statement regarding who they think best suited to run the country.  For me, and increasingly more Australians, this presents a problem; we don’t want anyone.  We’re caught between three viable options, each with their own drawbacks, and a number of minor parties representing fringe interests.  If you favour economic and social conservatism, at least your choice is clear and you can vote for the Coalition with a reasonably clear mind.  If you are reasonably far to the left, you might happily vote Greens.  Both of these are valid choices if that’s the way your politics fall.  I might not agree with your politics and would argue them with you if we were discussing them, but I respect entirely your right to vote whichever way you think would be most representative…

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