I made a game

I have successfully completed the first of my 4 games I need to create for the course I am currently doing as part of my degree.

It is not a very good game. It is playable, and it has a screen that tells you what the objective is. It has sounds I created by myself (three of them!).

Well, so what about a basic navigate the maze and pick up blocks game with 3 whole sounds that I created by myself? I guess it’s kind of a big step for me, going from someone who was utterly intimidated by all things computers to finally stepping up and completing a group assignment by myself (I completed it by myself because I am an external student and the other students had already formed groups).

It’s given me a grasp of the basics of game construction in Unity3D and has given me the confidence to be able to check the documentation and forums when I am in need – something I never had when dabbling in LOVE2D.
It kind of makes me feel that if I (by far the worst person in my year 9 and 10 computing class) can make a functional game, anyone who puts their mind to it can. And with a little experimentation, great things can come from the game making journey. I am looking forward to the other 3 games I have to make, and hopefully, now I will spend less time on trying to create character controller scripts and more time on making the rest of the game.


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