TPPA and China

So I read an interesting little piece about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) that you can read here.

The article goes into how the TPPA is forcing US corporate interests down the throats of nations in the Pacific, nations with trade interests and relationships with China. To put it simply, countries such as New Zealand and Australia can find themselves between a rock and a hard place, not wanting to upset the US, but also not losing their favour with China, a massive economic power.

I don’t particularly want to get into the politics or implications of TPPA in a serious sense, but in more of a speculative fiction sense. “What is it you are hoping to achieve here?” I hear you ask. Why, go play Black Ops II and then come back! Or don’t, maybe you shouldn’t feed the juggernaut that is Call of Duty any more than it has already been fed.

Let us just say that the game pushes, quite heavily, US interests in the framing of a second cold war, one between the US and China. The impetus behind this cold war is Rare Earth minerals, which China seems to have a monopoly on and are used in electronics.

So what?

Well, the article above mentions the possibility of TPPA and US Corporate interests fuelling a cold war between the US and China with Pacific nations used as a proxy battleground, with the two superpowers posturing for economic superiority.

I just found it quite amusing that it basically provided the plot of a new Modern Military Shooter.

Though it is a bit worrying that such issues could exist, that countries could be torn between their allegiances to other nations because they do not have the power to resist larger powers. Being an Australian citizen, I am also a little worried about what TPPA could mean for me as an individual. I will, of course, need to do some reading about this, and hopefully find some accurate information to avoid another ACTA furor (even though once clarified ACTA was still a horrible thing). I doubt I’d be able to wrap my head around all of it though, and we have another dragon to slay in the form of the ITU.

Once again, the governments of the world aim to govern the internet in an opaque fashion without public consultation. At least, I believe this time it is not motivated by corporate interests? It’s still a worrying thought though. Here is a video.


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