Poland on ACTA

Polish presidential advisor claims that protestors against ACTA have been “manipulated”.

From above link:

“I’d prefer the young would protest against the govenment not accepting the act about the prohibition of using claymore mines. “-said Kuźniar. He also mentioned that he’s surprised of the fact that so many young people have hit the streets, because he’s thinking they wouldn’t do this if they have read ACTA.

Anyone who wishes to read the final text can do so here in English, French or Spanish. Shall we see if people will be disinclined to taking to the streets after reading the official text.

I would also like to point out that all amendments to ACTA will be done by a specially created committee and their decisions will be free from public review and Judicial review. This will effectively create a framework that operates independent of the current judicial frameworks because ACTA proponents believe that the current process is handicapping their ability to enforce ACTA on an international scale. If this doesn’t worry you, I do not know what will.

ACTA will kill free software. DRM media will no longer be able to be played on free software players. Distribution channels for free software will be brought into question due to the threat of them also being used to transfer copywrited materials. To quote the above source, “It creates a culture of surveillance and suspicion, in which the freedom that is required to produce free software is seen as dangerous and threatening rather than creative, innovative, and exciting.”

Remember back when Microsoft killed Netscape by bundling Internet Explorer with Windows and not allowing the bundling of third party browsers? Imagine a world with that sort of limitation on competition due to companies exercising their right to protect their IP. It is scary and ultimately bad for the consumer.

ACTA allows for criminal investigations and searches on individuals without the need for probable cause, which undermines the presumption of innocence. You know, stuff like this would have been unlawful before.

ISPs that comply with ACTA will be provided with safe harbour from any legal accountability for the habits of their users, however those that do not comply will be afforded no such safety. Really, what ISP can afford not to monitor usage of their users now? iiNet would sure have a hard time in the courts a second time around.

ACTA may not end up killing the global economy, but it sure as hell will shoot it in the foot. Without distribution channels and with the loose definitions of copywrited and counterfeit materials, the age of software innovation may well be over.

The age of privacy was said to have died with Facebook. Not a social norm, says Zuckerberg. Though with Facebook you had the option to not use it.

With ACTA there is no such option.

Still, do you think those youths in Poland were overreacting? All things considered, for those without training in Law, Economics or even with an interested in open and free software (which relies on the ability to modify and learn from code that was created by others) would likely have a hard time considering this without being manipulated with parties interested in either side of the debate.

Having said that, I think the whole issue hasn’t been represented well enough in a way that will help people understand what the long term consequences of something like ACTA would be. And even countries like Ireland have tried their hand at something like SOPA.

Just read up on ACTA and be informed.


2 thoughts on “Poland on ACTA

  1. ACTA will make isps lawfully accountable for all kinds of things their customers do on-line. This is a really dangerous law not only to internet liberty but also to our common freedoms. We will have to stop it.

    1. This is dangerous and it is something we need to stop. From what I can understand of the final text, there is nothing explicit about the kind of measures ACTA requires of ISPs to take. I would assume this means it is up to the individual countries to decide whether packet monitoring is required or whether providing customers with warnings/information about trafficking in counterfeit and copyrighted material is sufficient.

      This is by no means a comfort, but at least it allows a country to be moderate in this regard.

      But stop ACTA we must.

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