Not out of the woods…

SOPA and PIPA are out of the picture for now. Everyone, the internet has won a major battle in the fight for freedom and openness! However, the war is far from over. I am sure some of you by now have heard of ACTA, an international trade agreement that is being developed in secret and in some cases by non elected special interest groups.

Really, this could spell the end of the internet as we know it. It could kill innovation by limiting what others can do with already developed products, ideas, sentenes, you name it. How can we progress if we are not allowed to make itterative improvements to technology? How will free press survive if news and other articles can be copywrited by one particular media outlet?

This is going to kill off the majority of global industry for the benefit of a very very small number of people and entities that are clinging desperately to an outdated business model. There is something admirable in their tenacity, but really could you not try to end the world while you are at it?

Congress dismissing their lack of understanding of a fundamental part of the modern economy in an almost flippant manner by stating “I am not a nerd” shows an utter lack of respect for the kind of power they are toying with.

ACTA shows that lack of disrespect on an almost global scale. I know I am going to see if I can write to my MP demanding to know why such a dangerous agreement is being negotiated in secret, and why Australia is a part of it at all. If the government is intent on killing a massive job creation engine, I’m sure the tax payer is not going to want to pick up the pieces for them, and I definitely doubt JSA and DES are going to be happy with that as well.

As Gabe Newell said once, “Piracy is a service problem.” If you want me to buy your shit, release it in all markets. With Blu-rays we have seen a decline in region coding, which was an attempt at market segregation and pricing control. However, we still have not seen an end to market segregation, with certain products not available in all markets. I know I’d buy Antichrist on Blu-Ray but it’s locked to Region A and I’m not in Region A! Lost Sales!! YAY!!!! I’ve attempted to buy albums on the iTunes store, but they are not available on the Australian iTunes store. The list, beyond my own personal experiences, goes on.

The model is flawed, their service is atrocious, and they want us to pay for their backward thinking. They bitch and moan about a 7% loss in revenue due to piracy and their lobbyists with their deep pockets have potentially killed off an upcoming industry (see above link).

If they can already shut down sites, the introduction of an agreement that could destroy privacy, freedom of expression, net nutrality, multiple points of view in the press, innovation and a large part of the global economy seems just a tad unwarranted.

Your countries have already signed the agreement.

This is making me sad, so I will leave it off there. I just need to keep an eye out for news about ACTA and find out what I can do to help prevent it.


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