Hello world!

This is my first post on WordPress. Oh boy, what a time to join the fold. SOPA and PIPA are knocking on our door(s) and threatening to change the face of the internet and global economy as we know it.

Of course, I remain largely uneducated about the way of economics. For all I can comprehend it is an ancient and mystical art that involves numbers and animal spirits and stuff. But from my readings into the subject, I have been led to believe that the safest bet for international trade and investment is the US Dollar. So in my layperson’s understanding of things, the legislation would shoot the US economy in the foot by:

  • Stifling Startups;
  • Breeding fear and inaction in companies;
  • Restrict freedom of expression and journalism;
  • Severely restrict innovation; and
  • Putting an end to the job-creation potential of the internet
Also in my layperson’s understanding of things, this would do bad things to the US dollar, which will do bad things to the rest of the world.

Please, strange old people in government that remain insulated from the functioning of the 21st Century World, I beg you to reconsider something with such far reaching consequences. The world cannot be held randsom to the will of the Entertainment industry! Think not of your personal pockets and think of the pockets of the Nation you are meant to represent.


I would like to hope that January 24 will bring news that common sense prevails and that SOPA and PIPA are no more.

Make your voice heard.

Those not in America, make your voice heard too! Together we may be able to save ourselves from ourselves.

I will hopefully be able to get into a less SOPA oriented groove with this blog and have lots of fun on the Free internet!


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